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Data + AI Summit 2024 will be held in person and virtually on June 10-13, 2024, with a highly anticipated lineup of keynotes, sessions, demos, workshops, training, and networking events.

If you want to learn more about data and AI governance, you've come to the right place. In this blog, we'll provide an overview of the sessions from Databricks, our customers, and our partners within the data governance track. You can explore the full range of Data + AI Summit sessions by visiting our session catalog.

Databricks talks


Mark your calendar for the morning of Thursday, June 13, and tune into an action-packed data governance keynote led by Databricks Co-founder Matei Zaharia. This year's keynote will dive into the latest advancements of Databricks Unity Catalog, the unified governance and security layer for data and AI in the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform, and our data sharing and collaboration stack. This year's keynote themes will center around an open and unified governance solution for all of your data and AI assets.

Breakout sessions

We are excited to have 15+ Databricks-led breakout sessions in the data governance track this year led by governance and security subject matter experts. These sessions are filling up fast, so reserve your spot today!

Unity Catalog is a unified data and AI governance solution, built into the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform. If you are new to Unity Catalog and want a deeper understanding of how it works, its key features, and its roadmap, we recommend attending the What's New in Unity Catalog-with Live Demos session by the Unity Catalog product team. This is your time to meet the product team and ask any questions. If you are a more seasoned practitioner or administrator, check out our Unity Catalog A-Z technical deep dive.

We are also thrilled to host sessions led by our product leaders covering the latest updates on data and AI governance. In the Attribute-Based Access Controls in Unity Catalog session, you will learn how to build a scalable fine-grained access management framework using attributes and tags including Row Filtering and Column Masking. In our session covering Lakehouse Federation, you will discover how to access, query, and govern any data in any format from any source in place without leaving Databricks.

Wondering about monitoring data and AI quality? Join the Lakehouse Monitoring session on how to maintain a self-serve data platform by effortlessly monitoring data pipelines and ML models, ensuring smooth operation and preventing quality issues. We also are excited to talk about how Databricks enables open accessibility from any compute engine or platform in this session titled Enabling the Open data lakehouse: Unlocking Unified Governance and Interoperability in Data and AI. You don't want to miss this session!

If you haven't migrated to Unity Catalog yet or are in the process of migration and looking for best practices and tools for doing so, we have several helpful sessions lined up. Hear more about how to easily upgrade to Unity Catalog using the Databricks-developed UCX project. We also have a session on Databrick's adoption journey to Unity Catalog to share how Databricks IT team migrated to Unity Catalog and key learnings during the process.

At Databricks, your data security is our priority. Get an in-depth overview of the latest security and compliance features available to protect the sensitive and regulated data you process by attending our session on Enterprise-Grade Security and Compliance on the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform. If you want to get your workloads up and running quickly with security best practices built-in, we also have a talk on how to use Terraform Templates for secure Databricks deployments from day zero.

Data and security teams must collaborate to enhance AI system security. In our session on the Databricks AI Security Framework (DASF), we will discuss robust AI security guidelines to help data teams securely deploy ML and AI applications. Databricks Security leaders will also host an AI Security Workshop onsite at the conference on Thursday, June 13th exclusively for Executive Form and CIO Circle attendees.

The promise of AI is undeniable, but its potential comes with responsibilities, requiring companies to balance accelerating AI use with safeguarding against misuse. Databricks believes that the advancement of AI relies on building trust in intelligent applications by following responsible practices in the development and use of AI. Join our security, governance, and legal leaders in two responsible AI sessions focused on Responsible AI on the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform and The AI Regulatory Landscape.

Additionally, there are numerous expert-led sessions covering our data and AI governance best practices, such as:

Customer talks

The Data + AI Summit is a community-centric conference where data practitioners, researchers, and industry leaders from different industries come together to collaborate and share knowledge on the latest trends. We have an exciting lineup of sessions to showcase cutting-edge data and AI governance solutions and best practices developed by and for the data community.

This year, we have speakers from Databricks customers such as Shell, Skyscanner, Rivian, Providence, Diageo, PepsiCo, T-Mobile, Adidas, American Airlines, 84.51°, and many more leading sessions to discuss their adoption of Unity Catalog to future-proof their data and AI governance.

Partner talks

Databricks collaborates with a diverse range of partners—including technology vendors, system integrators, and consulting firms—to enhance our data governance solutions with complementary tools, specialized expertise, and industry-specific knowledge. As part of the data governance track, we have an exciting lineup of sessions from critical partners such as AWS, IBM, Informatica, Theom, KPMG, Collibra, Alation, Tredence, and Microsoft.

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We are less than a week away from Data + AI Summit 2024, which will happen virtually and in person at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Explore the full range of keynotes, training, and sessions in the Data + AI Summit catalog. Don't miss out on one of this year's largest data conferences— join us to network with industry leaders, enhance your skills, and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving world of data and AI!

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