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Databricks at Current 2022

The Next Generation of Kafka Summit
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Current 2022, organized by Confluent, is the first-ever data streaming industry event – and it's coming up soon!

No matter where you are on your data streaming journey, Current (formerly Kafka Summit) is an opportunity to join thousands of your peers on October 4-5 in Austin, Texas to learn about data streaming, share best practices and use cases, and explore the vision and future of data streaming.

The Databricks Lakehouse Platform dramatically simplifies stream processing to deliver real time insights. Data engineers, data scientists, and analysts can easily build streaming data workloads with the languages and tools they already know. The lakehouse eliminates data silos, centralizes security and governance models, and provides complete support for all your batch and streaming use cases. At Databricks, our focus is on getting value from data by reducing complexity and automating many of the production aspects associated with building and maintaining real-time data workloads.

The world's biggest enterprises are leveraging the end-to-end streaming capabilities of the Databricks Lakehouse Platform - from streaming ingest and ETL, to real-time analytics, real-time ML modeling, and real-time applications.

Confluent is one of Databricks' most valued partners, and we have multiple customers taking advantage of Apache Kafka integrations on the Lakehouse Platform today. Naturally, we're ecstatic to be a platinum sponsor of Current 2022. Here are some of the places you can find Databricks at the event:

Databricks booth on the expo floor
(Tuesday 10/4 8am-6pm; Wednesday 10/5 8am-6pm)

Theater session: Streaming Use Cases and Trends, Vini Jaiswal, Databricks
(Tuesday 10/4 2:30-2:55pm)

Meetup session: Project Lightspeed - Next generation Apache Spark Structured Streaming hosted by Karthik Ramasamy, co-creator of Apache Pulsar and Apache Heron, Head of Streaming at Databricks
(Tuesday 10/4 4-5pm)

Breakout session: Streaming Data into Your Lakehouse, Frank Munz, Databricks (Wednesday 10/5 8-8:45am)

Breakout session: Kafka with Spark Structured Streaming and Beyond: Building Real-Time Data Processing and Analytics with Databricks, Emma Liu, Databricks; Nitin Saksena, Albertsons
(Wednesday 10/5 4-4:45pm)

Official after party: Join us at Bull & Bowl for late night games, networking, and fun! (Tuesday 10/4 9-11pm)

We're excited to partner with Confluent for the Current 2022 event, and we can't wait to see you there.

Check out the full Current 2022 agenda, register for the conference, and read our recent post on streaming data pipelines with Delta Live Tables and Apache Kafka.