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Today, we’re excited to announce Brickbuilder Accelerators, an expansion to the Brickbuilder Program that pairs the expertise of system integrator and consulting partners with their proven frameworks and pre-built code. Based on a foundation of proven customer deployments, Brickbuilder Accelerators help you solve critical analytics challenges, reduce costs, and boost productivity quickly and with as little friction as possible. This first launch is made up of Lakehouse Accelerators, developed by partners to help customers of all sizes set up and hydrate their Databricks Lakehouse Platform in weeks, not months. With their data now in the Databricks Lakehouse Platform and securely governed by Unity Catalog, data scientists, analysts and engineers can discover, access and collaborate on trusted data and AI assets. This enables them to leverage AI and unlock the full potential of the lakehouse environment.

The Brickbuilder Program began with a focus on industry solutions and quickly expanded to include Brickbuilder Solutions for Migrations so organizations can quickly move their data from legacy systems to Databricks and lower their total cost of operations. Today, Databricks continues that collaboration with our top partners to develop accelerators that fit within any stage of a customer’s journey to improve productivity and optimize value. In comparison to Brickbuilder Solutions, Brickbuilder Accelerators are highly focused engagements, often taking 30 days or less, to help customers address data, analytics, and AI business objectives quickly and efficiently.

Let’s take a further look at the new Lakehouse Accelerators, designed to simplify data ingestion and seamlessly govern structured and unstructured data, machine learning models, notebooks, dashboards and files on any cloud or platform. Our launch partners include Advancing Analytics, Aimpoint Digital, Blueprint, Hitachi Solutions, Koantek, Slalom, and West Monroe.

Reduce costs and innovate faster by utilizing pre-built frameworks from Databricks partners to hydrate the Databricks Lakehouse Platform.
Reduce costs and innovate faster by utilizing pre-built frameworks from Databricks partners to hydrate the Databricks Lakehouse Platform.

Lakehouse Accelerators: hydrate your lakehouse in weeks, not months

The Databricks Lakehouse Platform is a unified data, analytics, and AI platform that allows you to easily collaborate with anyone on any platform with the first open approach to data sharing. Through it, you can share live data sets, models, dashboards and notebooks while maintaining strict security and governance. You can also streamline your data ingestion and management with automated and reliable ETL and lightning-fast performance. In particular, Delta Lake transforms your data lake into the destination for all your structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. With this data, you can then derive new insights and utilize a data-native and collaborative solution for the full machine learning lifecycle, from featurization to production.

Creating a well-architected lakehouse can require company tradeoffs and technical resources. Lakehouse Accelerators were developed to help you deploy the necessary infrastructure and governance to build a lakehouse and are equipped with frameworks to rapidly develop data, analytics, and AI use cases in as little as 30 days. All of these accelerators have been implemented for customers with proven results time and time again.

  • The Hydr8 Data Lakehouse Accelerator by Advancing Analytics expedites the development of your data lakehouse platform. Hydr8 includes an array of patterns, accelerators, and pre-built code designed to provide you with the necessary resources for a quick and efficient implementation, saving you more than three months of upfront development time. Developed over thousands of hours across a range of verticals and domains, this accelerator has already been successfully deployed at more than twenty-five customer sites worldwide. Built on top of Databricks’ Unity Catalog, Hydr8 incorporates data lineage, data observability, and centralized access control from the inception of your platform.
  • With Aimpoint Digital’s Lakehouse Onboarding Accelerator, you can fast-track time to success using the Databricks Lakehouse Platform. After a 4-week engagement with one of Aimpoint’s Databricks experts, you will have a fully instantiated Databricks workspace leveraging Unity Catalog along with a high-priority single-source use case that can serve as the template for scaling up analytics on Databricks. Through the delivery of an end-to-end use case on the platform, your team will be upskilled in best practices while enabling you to realize value from your investment in Databricks immediately.
  • The 2-Week Greenfield Lakehouse QuickStart by Blueprint empowers you to harness the full potential of the Databricks Lakehouse platform in just 10 days. This accelerator employs state-of-the-art tools and techniques to assess, convert, validate, and optimize your data pipelines, delivering two fully operational pipelines. A standout feature is the usage of the Unity Catalog, a robust governance framework that simplifies access management, bolsters security, and enhances productivity, all while enabling seamless data sharing across multiple clouds.

    Included in this accelerator is the use of the Lakehouse Optimizer, designed to maximize lakehouse performance, cost-efficiency, and intelligently optimize your jobs. Upon completion, you'll receive a comprehensive report outlining key outcomes, insights, and actionable recommendations, enabling you to realize immediate cost and performance benefits and advance your data strategy with confidence.

Within 2 weeks, Greenfield customers receive two fully operational pipelines leveraging the Greenfield Lakehouse Quickstart by Blueprint.
Within 2 weeks, Greenfield customers receive two fully operational pipelines leveraging the Greenfield Lakehouse Quickstart by Blueprint.
  • Companies everywhere are inundated with data from every direction but struggle to organize and utilize it for analytical insights. Empower Data Platform by Hitachi Solutions wrangles your data – supporting more than 200 sources – onto a single platform where it’s easily accessible to find the insights companies need to improve profits, operations, customer experiences, and more. Empower leverages Lakehouse for its strength in data science and ML applications and to give end-users richer information faster and at less cost. It makes use of Delta Lake to provide compute options on enterprise data and Unity Catalog to enable a secure data estate leading to projects advancing 55% faster with 50% less costs.
  • The Lakehouse in a Month Accelerator by Koantek enables swift deployment of modern data architecture, accelerating your time-to-value and giving you a competitive edge. By moving to a data lakehouse, you are able to consolidate your data operations into a single platform to experience new levels of efficiency and effortlessly store, process, and analyze structured and unstructured data in one place.
  • The AI Lakehouse Accelerator by Slalom jump-starts your projects and provides a framework with pre-built data pipelines to implement and grow your data estate​. With this all-in-one accelerator for standing up a lakehouse, you get the tools needed to seamlessly deploy cloud infrastructure, DevOps, data pipelines and orchestration, machine learning, and high-value use cases. The AI Lakehouse Accelerator enables data teams to spend less time loading data into the lakehouse and focus more on extracting value from their data with proven patterns. Slalom’s AI Lakehouse Accelerator reduces the cost to innovate by lowering the barrier to entry to develop business use cases while prioritizing data governance through Unity Catalog.
  • The West Monroe Databricks Lakehouse Accelerator, Mizu, helps customers stand up a leading modern data platform in AWS or Azure in just a couple of weeks by leveraging Terraform scripts that integrate with existing infra and security standards. Quickly ingest a wide variety of disparate data sources (files, databases and APIs) into the Databricks Lakehouse Platform to gain robust business insights in days. Mizu leverages reusable data pipelines so that by entering a few configurations, you can begin to hydrate your lakehouse in hours. Mizu is integrated with Unity Catalog to enable data catalog and data lineage from the start. With Mizu, optimize how quickly your data team is able to ingest, transform and manage data to deliver insights that can scale to meet your largest data demands and serve any business need.

Mizu enables the swift ingestion of a myriad of disparate data sources – be it files, databases, or APIs – into the Databricks Lakehouse, delivering actionable business insights in days, not months.
Mizu enables the swift ingestion of a myriad of disparate data sources – be it files, databases, or APIs – into the Databricks Lakehouse, delivering actionable business insights in days, not months.

Get started with Brickbuilder Accelerators

At Databricks, we continually collaborate with system integrators and consulting partners to enable even more use cases across data, analytics, and AI. Want to get started? Check out our full set of partner solutions and accelerators on the Databricks Brickbuilder page.

Create a Brickbuilder for the Databricks Lakehouse Platform

Brickbuilders are a key component of the Databricks Partner Program and recognize partners who have demonstrated a unique ability to offer differentiated data, analytics, and AI solutions and accelerators in combination with their development and deployment expertise.

Partners who are interested in learning more about how to create a Brickbuilder Accelerator are encouraged to email us at [email protected].

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