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Academy Terms and Conditions


Databricks Academy Terms

The following Databricks Academy Terms (“Terms”) form part of the Agreement under which Databricks provides Training Services to (1) the Company sponsoring a Student’s access to Training Services, and to (2) the Student accepting these Terms via the Databricks Academy (in either case “you”). You agree to these Terms by requesting, registering, and/or using the Training Services.

  1.  Additional Definitions.
    1. Course” means an instance of either Instructor-Led Training Services or Self-Paced Training Services.
    2. Course Materials” means the training materials and other information and content provided by Databricks in conducting the Training Services.
    3. Instructor-led Training Services” means training delivered in real-time (not pre-recorded) by instructors, either in person or online-only.
    4. Self-Paced Training Services” means a pre-recorded or automated online training course not delivered in real-time by an instructor.
    5. Training Services” means, in the aggregate or individually, Instructor-led Training Services and/or Self-Paced Training Services.
  2. Generally. If we have agreed to provide you with Training Services, we will provide qualified training personnel and/or suitable training materials. You will make available to Databricks any materials Databricks reasonably requires to perform the Training Services including (for any training delivered onsite vs. online) reasonable facilities and resources. Unless agreed between the parties in writing, you will not provide Databricks access to any production data, personal data, or confidential information for use with the Training Services.
  3. Self-Paced Training Services. Databricks may make available certain Self-Paced Training Services. You and your students are responsible for providing your own equipment and internet connectivity to access and benefit from such online training. Self-paced training generally do not include access to a training environment on the Databricks Platform Services or other Databricks-provided lab environment, unless separately purchased.
  4. Instructor-led Training Services.
    1. Resources and coordination. If we have agreed to provide you with Instructor-led Training Services then (except as otherwise mutually agreed between us) you will, as reasonably applicable:
      • Private. If we have agreed to provide your organization a private Instructor-Led Training Services, then you will provide qualified personnel to assist in coordinating and implementing such private Course;
      • ​​​​Onsite.  additionally, if you and we have agreed these Courses will be delivered onsite:
        • you will provide Databricks with access to your sites and facilities (or temporary off-site facilities) during normal business hours, during the agreed timeframes for Databricks to perform the Instructor-led Training Services;
        •  you will provide Databricks with such working space and office support (including access to appropriately quiet and private enclosed space, projection equipment, whiteboard,  and the like) as Databricks may reasonably request; and
        • Databricks will require its personnel who go onsite at your premises to comply with your commercially reasonable onsite safety and security access policies that have been provided by you to such personnel reasonably in advance. For the avoidance of doubt, no such policies will be deemed to modify the terms of the Agreement; and
    2. Cancellations and Substitutions. You acknowledge that Databricks expends resources to schedule and deliver Instructor-Led Training Services, regardless of whether delivered online or in-person. Registered attendees who fail to attend a reserved seat at a scheduled course gives rise to losses by Databricks (including the inability to mitigate by selling to a replacement student). Accordingly, you agree as follows with respect to Instructor-Led Training Services:
      • Reserved seats (i.e. course registrations) may be cancelled (or, if the Course is a private Instructor-Led Training Service, requested be given to a substitute attendee) up to 48 hours before the time the course begins, by writing to [email protected]
      • In the case of “no-shows’ for reserved seats not cancelled or substituted before such 48-hour deadline, Databricks reserves the right to charge up to its list price training fees, to be paid on terms net 30 from receipt of Databricks’ invoice. (Information on Databricks Training Services fees is available upon request).
      • Databricks reserves the right to limit, suspend or terminate access to free partner Instructor-Led Training for repeated no-shows.
  5. Course Materials.
    1. Ownership of Course Materials. Databricks retains all Intellectual Property Rights and all other proprietary rights related to the Course Materials. You will not delete or alter the copyright, trademark, or other proprietary rights notices or markings appearing within the Course Materials as delivered or made available to you. You agree that the Course Materials are provided on a non-exclusive basis and not sold. You further acknowledge and agree that portions of the Course Materials, including but not limited to the source code and the specific design and structure of individual modules or programs, constitute or contain proprietary information and other Intellectual Property Rights of Databricks and its licensors.
    2. Course Materials License. Databricks grants a limited, non-sublicensable, non-transferable, license to the Course Materials, solely for the internal educational use by individuals who attend the relevant training course (“Students”). Unless indicated by a Databricks instructor, Students are permitted to retain any Course Materials provided to Students during the Course for continued learning by such Student following the conclusion of the Course. For the avoidance of doubt, Course Materials may not be used other than by the Students who received them, and may not be duplicated or shared (in whole or in part) with individuals who did not attend such Course.
  6. Use of Databricks Platform Service Workspace during Training Services. Your Students may be required to use a domain in the Databricks Platform Service or other Databricks-supplied lab environment (a “Workspace”) in order to receive the benefit of the Training Services. If a temporary Workspace is created and provided for a Student by Databricks to support a Training Service course, the Student shall not use it with production data, personal data, or confidential information, and it may be terminated following the conclusion of the Training Services without prior notice or any liability to you.