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Databricks and Avanade help clients to develop a customized end-to-end enterprise data strategy, streamline their full machine learning lifecycle with a repository of industry-specific models and pipeline templates, and validate outcomes to achieve desired business results. This partnership combines Avanade’s deep knowledge and experience in massive-scale data engineering and collaborative data science with Azure Databricks.


“With Databricks, Avanade helps enterprises modernize their data stack to deploy advantageous and innovative solutions. We’re helping our clients harness the full potential of the Databricks Lakehouse platform by setting up and embedding industrial-strength machine learning into processes to maximize value.”

— Alan Grogan, Global Executive Lead, Data Platform Modernization, Avanade

2022, 2021, 2020 Databricks Global Consulting and SI Partner of the Year

2022 EMEA Partner of the Year


Data engineers and data scientists trained in Azure Databricks


Solution architects focused on Azure Databricks


Azure cloud-native solutions with Databricks

How it works

Data strategy and design

Develop a business-aligned data blueprint to modernize existing data solutions and harness the full power of Azure Databricks for AI and machine learning. Avanade combines use case–based solutions with robust Microsoft and Databricks knowledge to increase business agility, unify cross-functional teams, and create a faster time to value.

Migrate and modernize

Migrate and transform existing data ecosystems to Azure native services and take advantage of modern data, MLOps and compute capabilities. Avanade has over 500 skilled Azure Databricks practitioners globally, dedicated to delivering a seamless data migration from on-premises to the cloud.

Operationalize and scale

With Databricks, Avanade enables data teams to embed AI in analytics applications and operationalize data engineering, data science and MLOps using MLflow. Avanade leverages Databricks’ industry solution accelerators, such as risk management in financial services and demand forecasting in retail, to drive value at scale.



Learn how Databricks and Avanade partner on financial risk

Our Financial Services Risk Modernization accelerator helps enterprise clients accelerate their modern risk management development.

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Building Modern Risk-Managment

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