eBook | 2nd Edition

Bring data warehousing into data lakes

Under the hood of Databricks SQL

Data warehouse vs. data lakehouse: What’s your future?

If you’re running traditional BI and analytics workloads, your architecture is probably more complex than you would like. Most organizations have to copy subsets of the data in their data lake to a legacy data warehouse just to run these workloads. 

What if you could simplify your architecture and reduce costs by using a single technology that replaces the data lake and data warehouse? That’s exactly what the lakehouse does. It lets you establish one source of truth for all data and enable all workloads — from AI to BI — on one platform. 

Find out why Databricks SQL is the “last mile” for bringing data warehousing capabilities into your existing data lakes — allowing you to operate a multicloud lakehouse architecture that delivers world-class performance and data lake economics. It’s all in this eBook.

You’ll learn:

  • How the lakehouse’s three layers work together to offer superior flexibility, performance and governance
  • Why the lakehouse delivers up to 12x better price/performance than legacy data warehouses
  • How Atlassian used Databricks Lakehouse Platform to reduce the cost of IT operations by 60%
  • How ABN AMRO used the lakehouse to achieve 10x faster time to market