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The lakehouse has emerged as the ideal data architecture for the new era where data, analytics and AI are converging. That’s because only lakehouse unifies all your data on a single, open and scalable platform for every use case, from AI to ETL.

Join speakers from Mars Wrigley, ADP, Comcast, BlackBerry, and Corning for an in-depth look at how lakehouse handles everything from governance and sharing to analytics and artificial intelligence. This global event will bring together industry experts, data scientists, data architects, engineers and analysts to examine how the lakehouse can reduce costs and deliver innovation faster.

  • Data leaders will better understand how lakehouse orchestrates all their data ops for greater efficiency, lower TCO and faster innovation
  • Data scientists will discover how lakehouse was designed to handle production-scale ML training, including LLMs
  • Data architects will come away with insights on how lakehouse ingests, stores, shares and governs business-critical data at scale
  • Data engineers will explore how to leverage lakehouse architecture for a simple, unified approach and learn how Delta Live Tables (DLT) simplifies data ingestion, transformation and ETL processes


Arsalan Tavakoli profile picture

Arsalan Tavakoli-Shiraji

Co-founder and SVP of Field Engineering


Jack Berkowitz profile picture

Jack Berkowitz

Chief Data Officer


Jan Neumann profile picture

Jan Neumann

VP, Machine Learning


Deepak Jose profile picture

Deepak Jose

Global Head of ODDA Solutions

Mars Wrigley

Laurel Ruma profile picture

Laurel Ruma

Global Director of Custom Content


Robert Lombardi

Robert Lombardi

Director of Products Cybersecurity


Jibreal Hamenoo

Jibreal Hamenoo

Sr. DevOps Engineer