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Databricks customers, regardless of size and industry, are increasingly seeking to unify their data onto a single platform. To do this, they need a simple, scalable and performant solution for moving data that resides in systems of record and operational data stores – whether in the cloud or on premises – to the Databricks Lakehouse Platform. They also need to sync this data in real time to enable the processing of business-critical analytics and machine learning workloads on the freshest possible data. Since traditional databases provide little interconnectivity, customers often have to invest months of time and development effort to build their own custom data pipelines that support business-critical needs.

We recently established Databricks Ventures to support companies that share our view on the future of data and AI. We’ve already announced investments via the Lakehouse Fund in several innovative startups that are helping drive business-critical use cases for our customers, such as TickSmith (open data exchange for e-commerce) and Hunters (advanced security on the lakehouse).

Today, we’re thrilled to add to this portfolio of game-changing companies with our new investment in Arcion, the cloud-native, zero-code data mobility platform. Databricks first got to know the Arcion team a year ago. Since then, our two companies have been building toward a tight partnership focused on enabling real-time data sync with the lakehouse. From the start, we were impressed by Arcion’s fast, low-impact data replication technology and ability to deliver high-performance, high-volume data streaming for some of the most demanding enterprise customers. Arcion’s capabilities have expanded over the past year to support ingestion and replication of more than a dozen popular enterprise-class data stores, including Oracle, SyBase and MySQL, into Databricks. Together, Arcion and Databricks will help customers quickly connect their data sources to the lakehouse at scale, unifying their data, analytics and AI workloads onto one simple platform.

This is just the beginning of what we know will be a powerful partnership between Databricks and Arcion. In the future, our joint customers can expect to see enhanced integrations and support for the Databricks Lakehouse, including Arcion’s availability within Databricks Partner Connect. Look out for additional announcements later this calendar year.

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