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Announcing New Partner Integrations in Partner Connect

New, validated integrations make it easier to ingest, analyze and trust data in your lakehouse
Hiral Jasani
Bilal Aslam
Zaheera Valani
Katie Cummiskey
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We are excited to announce six new integrations in Databricks Partner Connect. Our expanding partnerships enable our users to integrate the freshest data into the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, use pre-built deep learning models to process clinical and biomedical text at scale, use cutting-edge notebooks for analytics and data science collaboration and automatically track and improve data quality. This is part of our commitment to bringing the best partners in the world to our customers through Partner Connect, a one-stop portal for discovering, trying, and connecting the best-validated data, analytics, and AI tools with Databricks.

This quarter, we have added the following partner integrations to Partner Connect.

Data Ingestion

Arcion is a cloud-native, change data capture-based data replication platform that integrates data from relational databases such as Oracle, Oracle Exadata, and Oracle RAC, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, and SaaS applications such as Salesforce into Delta Lake on Databricks. Arcion offers transactional integrity, automatic schema conversion, and zero latency. This makes it an ideal solution for business-critical analytics and AI workloads that benefit from real-time, freshest possible data, for example, click-stream data, customer 360, threat protection, etc. Arcion is also one of the first zero-code data mobility platforms in the Databricks Ventures portfolio. Click here to view a demo.

Data Transformation

Matillion ETL for Delta Lake on Databricks brings no-code/low-code data integration to a lakehouse architecture. Users across the business can take ownership of their data, leveraging best-in-class data transformation from Matillion ETL to enable on-demand machine learning, faster reporting, and BI improvements powered by Delta Lake. Availability in Partner Connect allows users to easily extract and load business-critical data from operational databases, files, NoSQL, and API sources into Delta Lake without any prior pre-configuration.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

John Snow Labs
Over the past year, John Snow Labs has developed solutions for key use cases, such as detecting adverse events, extracting oncology insights and automating the removal of PHI, that are optimized to run on Databricks to help healthcare and life science companies transform large volumes of unstructured text data into patient insights. With Partner Connect, John Snow Labs' Spark NLP for Healthcare - a best-of-breed and the most widely-used NLP library - is easily available to all Databricks customers. This allows healthcare organizations to unify clinical and biomedical text data at scale into a single, high-performance lakehouse platform for analytics and data science.

Together, Databricks and Hex are powering the next generation of analytics. Databricks provides unparalleled data processing and storage, and Hex makes that data available for data science exploration and analytics. Hex simply and securely connects to the Databricks Lakehouse, so users can query structured and unstructured data in collaborative SQL and Python-powered notebooks, and then share their work as interactive data apps that are usable by anyone. Hex empowers users of all skill sets to make decisions backed by data. Learn more about how Hex & Databricks work seamlessly together and sign up for a free trial today.

Data quality

Anomalo automatically detects data issues and understands their root cause, ensuring you can trust the quality of your data in your Databricks Lakehouse before it is consumed by BI, analytics, and machine learning frameworks. Unlike traditional rules-based approaches to data quality, Anomalo provides automated checks for data quality using machine learning. When issues are detected, Anomalo provides a rich set of visualizations to contextualize and explain issues as well as an instant root-cause analysis that points to the likely source of the problem. This means customers spend more time making data-driven decisions, and less time investigating and fire-fighting issues with data. To learn more about Anomalo, please visit, or request a demo here.

Lightup empowers data-driven companies to quickly and continuously perform accurate and comprehensive data quality checks with ease. With deep integration with Databricks Lakehouse Platform, Lightup provides an additional layer of data reliability across the Lakehouse — empowering enterprises to perform in-place data quality checks — accelerating data migrations from legacy big data systems to Databricks, all with a single click.
Start optimizing the data quality in your Lakehouse today! To learn more about Lightup, visit

Customer spotlight: Enabling data literacy at Aktify

Partner Connect eliminates the complexity of finding, and configuring partner tools securely with Databricks to support your analytics and AI use cases. For example, Aktify, a conversational AI company, is on a mission to delight customers by powering conversations using robust machine learning. A one-click Tableau connector in Partner Connect allows all users at Aktify to spin up their own Tableau dashboards to answer key business questions instead of waiting on data engineers. As a result, Aktify now has over two dozen data professionals focused on high-value tasks working collaboratively and sharing data insights seamlessly.

"We no longer stage data in Snowflake as all data (including ~85 GB of operational data) is instantly available in the Databricks Lakehouse," explained Brandon Smith, the Director of Data & Analytics at Aktify. "Partner Connect also helps the team discover new data and AI solutions, bringing us closer to our vision of organization-wide data literacy."

Get started with Partner Connect

Sign up for a free trial of Databricks to try Partner Connect at no additional cost. Stay tuned as we announce integrations with Matillion, Hightouch, Preset, Thoughtspot and many others in the coming months.

You will have the opportunity to meet all Partner Connect partners in-person or online at the Data + AI Summit, the world's largest data and AI conference from June 27-30. If you haven't already, be sure to register here for talks, technical demos, hands-on training and networking.

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