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Today, we're excited to announce the launch of Brickbuilder Unity Catalog Accelerators. This is an expansion to the Brickbuilder Accelerator program, which pairs the expertise of system integrators and consulting partners with their proven frameworks and pre-built code to help organizations quickly implement a specific methodology or Databricks Data Intelligence Platform capability.

The Brickbuilder Program, made up of partner solutions and accelerators, began with a focus on industry and migration solutions and quickly expanded to include accelerators to help customers of all sizes set up and hydrate their lakehouse architecture using the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform in weeks, not months. Today, Databricks continues to collaborate and invest in top partners to develop accelerators that fit within any stage of a customer's journey to improve productivity and optimize value.

The new Brickbuilder Unity Catalog Accelerators are designed to help businesses achieve a unified approach to governance and accelerate their data and AI initiatives while simplifying adherence to regulatory compliance. With Unity Catalog, organizations can now seamlessly govern their structured and unstructured data, machine learning models, notebooks, dashboards and files on any cloud or platform. This then allows data teams to use Unity Catalog to securely collaborate on trusted data and AI assets and to leverage AI to unlock the full potential of their lakehouse architecture. By utilizing a Brickbuilder Unity Catalog Accelerator, which are highly focused engagements, organizations can migrate to Unity Catalog, typically in 30 days or less, and achieve a faster time to value.

Let's take a further look at the new Unity Catalog Accelerators, which were designed to provide you with one tool for data access management and a unified view into your entire data estate. Our launch partners include Blueprint Technologies, Celebal Technology, Impetus, Koantek, Slalom, and Tredence.

Harness the power of AI to automate monitoring, diagnose errors, and uphold data and ML model quality
Harness the power of AI to automate monitoring, diagnose errors, and uphold data and ML model quality.

Unity Catalog Accelerators: unified governance for data and AI

In the era of LLMs and generative AI, governance is critical to democratizing data and AI. But in a typical organization, data silos across various sources (e.g. data lakes, warehouses, and clouds) can pose a challenge for governance teams in creating a unified view, resulting in inefficient data discovery. Furthermore, disjointed tool sets for managing other data assets (e.g. ML models, dashboards, and notebooks) only compound the problem and lead to error-prone access management. This absence of an open, standard sharing solution hinders the ability for data teams to securely achieve cross-cloud, cross-platform sharing and collaborate on reliable data and AI assets. That is where Brickbuilder Unity Catalog Accelerators and the expertise of our partner ecosystem steps in, helping organizations to mitigate risk and reduce platform complexity.

The benefits of Databricks Unity Catalog include:

  • Unified visibility into data and AI: discover all data, analytics, and AI assets in one platform
  • Simple permission model for data and AI: Simple interface based on open standards with fine-grained access permissions
  • AI-driven monitoring and reporting: automated monitoring of data and AI assets to proactively diagnose errors and root cause
  • Open data sharing: secure sharing of data assets across platforms, cloud, and regions

While the benefits of Unity Catalog are plenty, migrating to Unity Catalog can require company tradeoffs and technical resources. Brickbuilder Unity Catalog Accelerators were developed to help you migrate to and deploy the necessary infrastructure and governance and are equipped with frameworks to rapidly develop data, analytics, and AI use cases in as little as 30 days. All of the Unity Catalog Accelerators listed below have been implemented for customers with proven results repeatedly.

Blueprint Technologies Unity Catalog Migration Accelerator
The Unity Catalog Migration Accelerator helps you unlock efficient data management and unleash the full potential of your data assets. This solution, powered by Blueprint Technologies' Lakehouse Optimizer, accelerates your Unity Catalog migration process and minimizes errors. With a focus on seamless integration and optimized performance, their solution ensures a smooth transition, empowering you to harness the true value of your data assets.

Celebal Technology Unity Launcher
The Celebal Technology's Unity Launcher toolkit offers an automated, end-to-end Unity Catalog migration accelerator that speeds up the migration process by 70%. Designed to simplify and accelerate every aspect of the migration process from the Discovery phase to the Validation phase, it provides a real-time dashboard that enables tracking and analysis of the migration process and offers customizable solutions to handle diverse data scenarios. This provides flexibility and adaptability for the migration and prevents disruption in your day-to-day business operations. Additionally, this accelerator ensures seamless continuity and significant time savings, helping you prioritize the integrity and confidentiality of your data throughout the migration process.

Impetus Unity Catalog Migration Accelerator
The Impetus Unity Catalog Migration Accelerator seamlessly upgrades your current metastore to Unity Catalog, ensuring smooth integration, configurability and automation. It efficiently migrates tables, clusters, jobs and workflows, guaranteeing streamlined efficiency for an effortless end-to-end upgrade. The accelerator ensures a trouble-free process with refined capabilities, including centralized metadata and user management, access controls, data lineage, access auditing, search and discovery and secure data sharing with Delta Sharing.

The Impetus Unity Catalog Migration Accelerator ensures a fluid and efficient Unity Catalog migration, reducing both time and effort
The Impetus Unity Catalog Migration Accelerator ensures a fluid and efficient Unity Catalog migration, reducing both time and effort.

Koantek Unity Catalog Upgrade Accelerator
To help Databricks customers unlock the full potential of Unity Catalog on the Data Intelligence Platform without disrupting or breaking their existing environment, Koantek's Unity Catalog Upgrade Accelerator de-risks and accelerates the upgrade, ensuring continuity to your business and rapidly bringing you to your future state. They utilize tried and true repeatable patterns and accelerators to remove the complexity.

Watch this video to learn how Koantek can help you with your UC migration.

Slalom Unity Catalog Accelerator and Workshop
Seamlessly govern your structured and unstructured data, machine learning models, notebooks, dashboards, and files on any cloud or platform with Slalom's Unity Catalog Accelerator. Slalom has deep experience ramping clients up quickly and cost-effectively, building a strong understanding of the tool. Slalom's Unity Catalog Accelerator allows customers to rapidly populate and tag assets within Unity Catalog. With a unified, categorized view of organized, managed data, businesses can reduce time to insights by empowering a broader set of data users to safely discover and analyze data at scale to drive practical business insights and strengthen a company's competitive edge.

Tredence UnityGo!
Tredence UnityGo! speeds enterprise Unity Catalog implementations by 60% by automating the migration steps through the conversion of metadata syntax, enabling mountpoints, notebooks, schemes, and tables to be migrated in an automated process. UnityGo! first assesses the legacy environment to streamline project planning, allowing for better optimization of resources. It eliminates model and notebook deployment risks through automated sandbox testing, optimizes migration project planning, and enables fewer technical resource requirements. Additionally, UnityGo! never touches your data for Intellectual Property protection.

Read this ebook to learn more about Tredence UnityGo!

Tredence UnityGo! enables you to reduce model and notebook deployment risks, optimize migration resources and project planning, and reduce technical resource requirements
Tredence UnityGo! enables you to reduce model and notebook deployment risks, optimize migration resources and project planning, and reduce technical resource requirements.

Get started with Brickbuilder Accelerators

At Databricks, we continually collaborate with system integrators and consulting partners to enable more use cases across data, analytics, and AI. Want to get started? Check out our full set of partner solutions and accelerators on the Databricks Brickbuilder page.

Create a Brickbuilder for the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform

Brickbuilders are a key component of the Databricks Partner Program and recognize partners who have demonstrated a unique ability to offer differentiated data, analytics, and AI solutions and accelerators in combination with their development and deployment expertise.

Partners who are interested in learning more about how to create a Brickbuilder Accelerator are encouraged to email us at [email protected].

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