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SAS Migration Factory by Deloitte

Migration solution developed by Deloitte and powered by the Databricks Lakehouse Platform

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Accelerate SAS migration to the Databricks Lakehouse Platform with improved quality

While SAS has been a dominant player in legacy platforms, the emergence of new, open source technologies has created a desired alternative. The Deloitte SAS Migration Factory provides intelligent code analysis, classification and conversion tools that take a given set of SAS programs and categorizes and converts them to open source Python, PySpark or Scala. The Deloitte SAS Migration Factory accelerates migrations to the Databricks Lakehouse Platform with improved quality and is made up of three components: Classifier, Reverse Engineer and Conversion Enabler. This tool, when combined with Deloitte’s migration services, remediates the common challenges faced by clients for moving legacy SAS code into open source code, resulting in improved business ROI and a much faster time to value. With the Deloitte SAS Migration Factory, you can:

  • Classify SAS scripts into data management, analytics and reporting categories in a cost-effective way
  • Create standard documentation for data lineage, table mappings and transformation logic as an output of the process
  • View an easy-to-use dashboard to analyze conversion metrics and drill down on the capabilities
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