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Enterprise Data Platform for Next-Generation Customer Experience

Maximize the value of data and AI to deliver personalized and impactful interactions


In today’s data-driven world, teams need to better understand their audience so they can more effectively find and activate them online. If you’re stitching together a bunch of platforms, you might find that fragmented views, legacy technologies and the shift from descriptive to predictive insights are holding your team back. With the Databricks unified data and AI platform, we give you a single copy of data with unified governance and an ever-expanding ecosystem of partners to build the next generation of your customer experience.


Find Your Customer/Audience With Data Clean Rooms

Enhance your audience-targeting securely using Databricks Clean Rooms.

  • Leverage a secure, governed and privacy-safe environment
  • Collaborate with anyone, and join first-party data regardless of where that data is managed
  • Perform effective overlap analysis, lift analysis, look-alike modeling, reach and frequency analysis, and more

Understand Your Audience With Customer Insights

Analyze your customer data to gain a deeper understanding of customer needs, preferences, behaviors and motivations.

  • Go from idea to production faster with Databricks Solution Accelerators
  • Know your audience by performing segmentation, cohort analysis, churn modeling, customer lifetime value and more
  • Tap an ever-expanding ecosystem of data partners to enrich your customer data, available through the Databricks Marketplace

Activate Your Audience With Customer Data Platforms

Make your CDP an effective extension of your data strategy.

  • Leverage the Lakehouse architecture to implement best-in-class data collection, data management and activation
  • Unlock critical downstream use cases such as scalable personalization, next-best action, advertising optimization and more
  • Activate your CDP with partners such as Hightouch, ActionIQ, Braze, Census and more

Technology partners supporting Next Gen CX

Databricks Technology Partners integrate their solutions with Databricks to provide complementary capabilities for ETL, data ingestion, business intelligence, machine learning and governance.

These integrations enable customers to leverage the Databricks Lakehouse Platform’s reliability and scalability to innovate faster while deriving valuable data insights.

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