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Datasets are a type-safe version of Spark's structured API for Java and Scala. This API is not available in Python and R, because those are dynamically typed languages, but it is a powerful tool for writing large applications in Scala and Java. Recall that DataFrames are a distributed collection of objects of type Row, which can hold various types of tabular data. The Dataset API allows users to assign a Java class to the records inside a DataFrame, and manipulate it as a collection of typed objects, similar to a Java ArrayList or Scala Seq. The APIs available on Datasets are type-safe, meaning that you cannot accidentally view the objects in a Dataset as being of another class than the class you put in initially. This makes Datasets especially attractive for writing large applications where multiple software engineers must interact through well-defined interfaces. The Dataset class is parametrized with the type of object contained inside: Dataset in Java and Dataset[T] in Scala. As of Spark 2.0, the types T supported are all classes following the JavaBean pattern in Java, and case classes in Scala. These types are restricted because Spark needs to be able to automatically analyze the type T and create an appropriate schema for the tabular data inside your Dataset. Datasets

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