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Apply AI to your data to increase productivity for every employee


Your AI-Powered Data Intelligence Engine

DatabricksIQ is a first-of-its-kind Data Intelligence Engine that uses AI to power all parts of the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform. It uses signals across your entire Databricks environment, including Unity Catalog, dashboards, notebooks, data pipelines and documentation to create highly specialized and accurate generative AI models that understand your data, your usage patterns and your business terminology.

DatabricksIQ enables natural language interfaces so your novice and expert users can be more productive with data. It also automatically optimizes various data and AI workloads in the platform, making them less manual and more cost-effective to run and maintain.


“I was able to code 200+ lines of robust code in a language I’ve never coded before.”

— Josue A. Bogran, Solutions Architect Manager, Kythera Labs

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AI that understands your data and usage

Your unique data, usage patterns and terminology are understood — providing accurate answers in the context of your business.

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Natural language interfaces for everyone

Natural language interfaces for everyone — from data practitioners to business users — to help you get more done.


Predictive optimization of the platform

AI-generated insights from your historical workloads automatically administer, configure and tune your Data Intelligence Platform, saving you time and money.


AI assistance for your practitioners

Backed by the latest advancements in generative AI, DatabricksIQ powers the Databricks Assistant to boost the productivity of your data and AI practitioners inside their notebooks and SQL editor. Just describe tasks in natural language, and the Assistant will automatically generate, explain and help fix Python and SQL code. DatabricksIQ leverages metadata from Unity Catalog to give contextual awareness to Databricks Assistant. This ensures responses are relevant and accurate through a deep understanding of your data and AI assets and how they are used.

“At SiriusXM, we’re using Databricks Assistant to create notebooks, author complex queries, identify ways to join tables within data lakes, and resolve coding issues, saving our data teams development time.”

— Bernie Graham, VP Data Engineering, SiriusXM


Conversational experiences for your business teams

DatabricksIQ is aware of your business terminology to empower nontechnical users across your organization to self-serve answers and visualize insights. Through conversational interfaces, including AI/BI Dashboards and Genie, anyone in your organization can ask questions of their data in natural language and get highly relevant and accurate answers within the context of your unique business.


Intelligent search and discovery for all

DatabricksIQ delivers an intelligent search experience across the Databricks Platform, allowing everyone to use natural language and semantic search to discover the most relevant content from all your enterprise data and AI assets. Our intelligent search engine doesn’t just find data, it interprets, aligns and presents it in an actionable, contextual format, helping you find what you need faster.


Self-optimizing platform

DatabricksIQ delivers autonomous data management and administration by automatically configuring and tuning your Data Intelligence Platform. This gives you better performance, reduces the need for manual administration and lowers TCO. DatabricksIQ indexes columns, lays out partitions and makes queries faster by incorporating data predictions into query planning in the Photon engine. It also enhances ETL by providing optimal autoscaling to minimize cost based on predictions for every workload.

“Databricks’ predictive optimizations intelligently optimized our Unity Catalog storage, which saved us 50% in annual storage costs while speeding up our queries by >2x. It learned to prioritize our largest and most-accessed tables. And, it did all this automatically, saving our team valuable time.”

— Shu Li, Data Engineering Lead, Anker


AI-powered governance

DatabricksIQ improves your ability to govern your data and AI assets by automatically suggesting descriptions and tags for your tables and columns managed in Unity Catalog, making the whole platform more aware of company jargon, metrics and semantics. AI-generated comments and descriptions from DatabricksIQ power semantic search, high-quality responses from Databricks Assistant, and improved governance.

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