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Enterprise Cloud Service

A massively scalable and secure multi-cloud service running millions of machines every day


Enterprise Cloud Service provides native security, simple organization-wide administration, and automation at scale for the Unified Data Analytics Platform across multiple clouds.

Setup, secure, manage and scale your data platform effortlessly



Effortlessly integrate with your cloud security, identity provider, data storage, databases, warehouses, catalogs, streaming and ML services.



Extend existing controls to protect your data while creating compliant, private and isolated analytics environments for your users.



Easily set policies to administer users, control budget, and manage infrastructure. Audit all activities and know who is accessing what.



Programmatically add thousands of users across hundreds of teams with the right access controls and team workspaces.

What You Get

Enterprise Security

Platform Security

Give all your users the right access to the right data with comprehensive audit trails by using your existing cloud security policies and identity management system to create compliant, private, and isolated workspaces. Learn more about Platform Security.


360° Administration

Quickly spin up and down collaborative workspaces for any project while being equipped with the right tools to manage user access, control spend, audit usage, and analyze activity across every workspace, all while seamlessly enforcing user and data governance. Learn more about 360° Administration.

Production Ready

Elastic Scalability

Use fully-configured data environments and API’s to quickly take initiatives from development to production. Once in production, data teams can use on-demand autoscaling to optimize performance and reduce down time of data pipelines and ML models in production by efficiently matching resources to demand. Learn more about Elastic Scalability.

Icon Multicloud

Multi-cloud Management

Securely integrate a single platform into each cloud to enable your data teams to do data analytics and machine learning without asking your users to learn cloud-specific tools and processes. Learn more about Databricks for Microsoft AzureAmazon Web Services and Google Cloud.


Icon Data Lakes

For Security Analysts

Keep your data where it is and get the tools you need to extend your existing security policies rather than creating new ones.

SQL Reference Icon

For IT Administrators

Set policies for various teams and bill departments with chargebacks. Get enterprise-wide visibility and receive notifications on policy violations.


For Cloud Architects

Architect a multi-cloud data and analytics solution by seamlessly integrating AWS and Azure services you are already familiar with.

Production Ready

For DevOps

Version control, track source code and automate your CI/CD pipelines. Deploy and monitor production workloads for downtime and performance.