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Workflows & Streaming: Delta Live Tables Pricing


Delta Live Tables

Reliable streaming and batch data pipelines made easy on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform

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DLT Core
DLT Core Photon

DLT Pro Photon

DLT Advanced
DLT Advanced Photon


Python API

Streaming Tables

Continuous Pipelines

Auto-Loader Integration

Observability Metrics with Event Log

Table Lineage

Access Controls (ACL)

Enhanced Autoscaling

Change Data Capture (CDC) (link)

Slowly Changing Dimension (SCD) Type 2

Data Quality Expectation Rules

Data Quality Expectation Policies

Data Quality Observability

Photon Engine
(Massively parallel processing)

(DBU emission rate 2.9x vs. non-Photon. See the Pricing calculator.)

Observability Data Retention

5 days

30 days

30 days

Governance and Manageability

See Platform Capabilities and Add-Ons for details

Enterprise Security

See Platform Capabilities and Add-Ons for details

Pay as you go with a 14-day free trial or contact us for committed-use discounts or custom requirements.


Yes. You can specify a different edition for each DLT pipeline in the pipeline settings.