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Platform Tiers and Add-Ons


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Platform Tiers

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Databricks Workspace

Workspace for production jobs, analytics and ML

Workspace for production jobs, analytics and ML

Workspace for production jobs, analytics and ML


Up to 50x faster than Apache Spark™

Optimized Runtime Engine

Governance and Manageability

Databricks Workspace administration

Audit logs and automated policy controls

Audit logs and automated policy controls

Enterprise Security

Secured cloud and network architecture with authentications like single sign-on

Extend your cloud-native security for company-wide adoption

Advanced compliance and security for mission-critical data

Platform Add-Ons




Enhanced Security and Compliance

Provides enhanced security and controls for your compliance needs

15% of Product Spend

Platform FAQ

Product Spend is calculated based on AWS product spend at list, before the application of any discounts, usage credits, add-on uplifts, or support fees.

Databricks Managed Services

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* For Lakehouse Monitoring: AWS regionsAzure regions
* For Predictive Optimization: AWS regionsAzure regions

Managed Services FAQ

Databricks managed services run on serverless infrastructure. You will not incur any third-party compute charges for use of these capabilities. Databricks will automatically calculate and bill the number of serverless DBUs associated with the use of these services. Usage of Lakehouse Monitoring will incur a 2X multiple on consumed DBUs.

During preview we will tune how we scale and run managed services, which might result in fluctuations in total charges.

Pay as you go with a 14-day free trial or contact us for committed-use discounts or custom requirements.