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Workflows & Streaming: Jobs Pricing



Easily ingest and transform batch and streaming data on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform

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Jobs Light Compute

Jobs Compute

Jobs Compute Photon

Managed Apache Spark

Photon Engine
(Massively parallel processing)

DBU emission rate 2.9x vs. non-Photon. See the Pricing calculator.

Job Scheduling With Libraries

Job Scheduling With Notebooks

Autopilot Clusters

Databricks Runtime for ML

Managed MLflow

Delta Lake With Delta Engine

Broad Support of Different VM Instance Types

See the Pricing calculator

Governance and Manageability

See Platform Capabilities and Add-Ons for details

Enterprise Security

See Platform Capabilities and Add-Ons for details

Pay as you go with a 14-day free trial or contact us for committed-use discounts or custom requirements


Jobs Light cluster is Databricks’ equivalent of open source Apache Spark. It targets simple, non-critical workloads that don’t need the performance, reliability or autoscaling benefits provided by Databricks’ proprietary technologies. In comparison, the Jobs cluster provides you with all the aforementioned benefits to boost your team productivity and reduce your total cost of ownership.