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Intro to Tableau and Databricks

Single source of data for easier management

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Running a data lake and data warehouse to feed Tableau? There’s a better, more cost-effective way: use a data lakehouse. You’ll get better performance at a lower cost with less hassle. Find out how in this in-depth technical webinar. You’ll learn how to open up new Tableau use cases such as machine learning and streaming.

In this technical webinar, you’ll explore:

  • High-Performance Dashboards – Connect Tableau and Databricks, optimize the connection and build a great user experience — with high performance and security — slicing through billions of records, quickly and easily
  • Streaming – Stream data directly to a Databricks Lakehouse and make it immediately available in Tableau, providing zero latency to your dashboards
  • Machine Learning – Apply Databricks ML models directly in Tableau — users can select datasets, run them against existing machine learning models and explore the results in Tableau to develop new insights

You’ll also get early access to the new Tableau Starter Kit, which includes demo notebooks, Tableau workbooks and datasets.

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Riley Maris
Sr. Partner Marketing Manager, Databricks

Kayla Grieme
Solutions Architect, Databricks

Faraz Hameed
Solutions Architect, Databricks

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