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We are excited to announce that is joining Databricks. 

At Databricks, we’ve always been focused on empowering organizations to solve their toughest problems with data. And that requires giving every data practitioner and team powerful and simple tools that are easy to adopt and a joy to use every day.

We’ve long admired the team’s approach to simplifying the complexities of data management and making it accessible to all. has distinguished itself by offering a remarkably user-friendly interface, a frictionless sign-up experience, and straightforward workflows. The team has also demonstrated a deep understanding of the needs of modern developers and data engineers. At Databricks, co-founders Adam Fletcher and Jonathan Mortensen and the team will apply their expertise in helping us deliver groundbreaking new developer experiences for data and AI. 

“We started with the mission of making individuals and teams immediately productive with data via a great developer experience and data-centric product principles. Databricks shares that vision with us, and we’re thrilled that our team will be joining Databricks to deliver an incredible experience for developers on the Lakehouse.” - co-founders Adam Fletcher and Jonathan Mortensen

We share a common aim with the team to empower users of all backgrounds to leverage the power of data and AI, without unnecessary hurdles or steep learning curves. We’re thrilled to have the team join us in working towards those goals together.

We have incredible opportunities ahead, and we can’t wait to see what we will achieve together. Stay tuned for more updates!

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