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Join us for these hands-on workshops to access best practices tips, technology overviews and hands-on training curated for data professionals across data engineering, data science, machine learning, and business analytics.

Led by Databricks and Microsoft experts using real-world data sets, you’ll learn how to leverage your data lake for powerful analytics insights, as well as the best practices for implementing a complete data science lifecycle, enabling your data teams to scale effectively.

Data Science Bootcamp: Turbocharge Your Business With Machine Learning

Machine learning enables organizations to make more informed decisions and predictions at record speed. Cloud computing enables you to tap into a wider variety of data sources to improve the accuracy and speed of these predictions. Join Databricks and Microsoft to learn how to leverage

Azure best practices for implementing a complete data science lifecycle, enabling data teams to scale effectively using Azure Databricks, MLflow and Azure Machine Learning.

This live hands-on workshop will teach you:

  • Services and platforms available for machine learning workloads on Azure
  • Recommendations on machine learning platform selection based on workload types
  • How to track your model training on Azure Databricks

Modern Data Engineering Bootcamp: Build a Reliable and Scalable Modern Data Architecture

Every organisation wants to leverage the wealth of data accumulated in their data lake for deep analytics insights.

In this hands-on lab session, we’ll cover best practices to help organizations use powerful open source technologies so you can build and extend your Azure investments and make your data lake analytics-ready. You’ll learn about the advantages of cloud-based data lakes in terms of security and cost. And finally, you’ll learn how data professionals are having a huge impact – lowering costs, changing time to market — and even revolutionizing industries.

  • Learn how to build highly scalable and reliable data pipelines for analytics
  • See how to make your existing Azure Data Lake analytics-ready with open source Delta Lake technology
  • Integrate that data with services such as Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Data Factory, Azure DevOps and Power BI — and leverage your Azure Active Directory security and roles without moving your data out of your account

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