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Personalization Meets Scale

Learn how innovative leaders across every industry are achieving the impossible — crafting highly personalized 1:1 experiences at scale. This event will explore how the lakehouse has made it possible to truly know your audience, create better experiences and build relationships that grow.

Featured Speakers


David Menninger

SVP & Research Director of Data and Analytics Research

Ventana Research

Heather Urbanek

Heather Urbanek

Director of Digital and Advanced Analytics


Clémence Burnichon

Clémence Burnichon

Director of Data Innovation


Scott Hirayama

Scott Hirayama

Head of Global Commercial Data and Analytics





The Value of Personalization and the Challenges to Achieve it

Hear from experts at Ventana Research how 70% of organizations today believe customer experience is the top way to compete for customers. Learn why personalization is so key to creating strong customer experiences and how a lakehouse platform can support that goal.

Industry-specific content

Select a track to hear from Databricks experts and Fortune 500 company leaders how the lakehouse has transformed their business by enabling personalization at infinite scale, with specific examples from each industry.

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Build personalized, genuine customer experiences
Build personalized, genuine customer experiences

Win greater customer loyalty through personalization. It all starts with building robust customer profiles. This guide explains how in 6 easy steps.

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