Solution accelerators for advertising and marketing technology

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Solution Accelerators for advertising and marketing technology

Based on best practices from our work with the leading brands, we’ve developed solution accelerators for common use cases to save weeks or months of development time for your data engineers and data scientists.

Multi-touch Advertising Attribution

Connect the impact of marketing and your ad spend to sales. Efficiently pinpoint the impact of various revenue-generating marketing activities to understand what works best. Focus on the best-performing channels to optimize media mix and drive revenue.

Sales forecasting and 
advertising attribution

Easily merge advertising and sales data from a variety of sources to understand the impact of individual marketing channels in driving sales at a geo level. Create visualizations and use ML to predict granular-level analyses of marketing tactics and messaging down to the customer segment level.



Create a machine learning model that, given a new ad impression, predicts whether or not there will be a click.


Create a personalized experience for your customers to drive engagement and monetization. The solution includes notebooks for either collaborative filtering or content-based recommenders.

Behavioral Segmentation

Create more advanced customer segments to drive better purchasing predictions based on behaviors. Using historical data from point of sales systems along with campaign information from promotions management systems, this solution helps teams derive a number of features that capture the behavior of various households with regards to promotions in order to build useful customer clusters.


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