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Deep Learning with Databricks

This course begins by covering the basics of neural networks and the tensorflow.keras API. We will then focus on using Spark to scale our models, including distributed training, hyperparameter tuning, and inference, and the meanwhile leveraging MLflow to track, version, and manage these models. You will apply model interpretability libraries to explain model predictions. Further, you will learn the concepts behind Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) and transfer learning, and apply them to solve image classification tasks. We will wrap up the course by covering Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) and attention-based models for natural language processing (NLP) applications.    

Skill Level
Intermediate experience with Python/pandas, Experience building machine learning models, Familiarity with Apache Spark


Day 1

  • Neural network and tf.keras fundamentals    
  • Improve models by adding data standardization, callbacks, checkpointing, etc.    
  • Track and version models with MLflow    
  • Distributed inference with pandas UDFs    
  • Distributed hyperparameter tuning with HyperOpt    
  • Distributed model training with Horovod

Day 2

  • Distributed model training with Horovod and Petastorm    
  • Model interpretability with LIME and SHAP    
  • CNNs for image classification and transfer learning     
  • Deploy REST endpoint using MLflow Model Serving on Databricks    
  • Textual embeddings, RNNs, attention-based models, and transfer learning for named entity recognition (NER)

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