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Security & Trust Center

Your data security is our priority



Security Features

We provide comprehensive security to protect your data and workloads, such as encryption, network controls, data governance and auditing.

Features Matrix


Network access


User and group administration


Access management


Data security


Data governance


Workload security


Auditing and logging


Security validations (Compliance)


* Azure Databricks is integrated with Azure Active Directory, and Databricks on GCP is integrated with Google Identity. You can’t configure these in Databricks itself, but you can configure Azure Active Directory or Google Identity as needed.

Security Best Practices

Hardening your Databricks deployments using security best practices helps you maintain the security of your systems and data.

Define: Whitepaper

Databricks has worked with thousands of customers to build our security best practices whitepaper that defines guidelines for security features that meet architecture requirements. This document provides a checklist of security practices, considerations and patterns that you can apply to your deployment, learned from our enterprise engagements.

View document for AWSAzure and GCP

Deploy: Terraform Templates

Security Reference Architecture (SRA) with Terraform templates makes deploying workspaces with Security Best Practices easy. You can programmatically deploy workspaces and the required cloud infrastructure using the official Databricks Terraform provider. These unified Terraform templates are preconfigured with hardened security settings similar to our most security-conscious customers.

View our GitHub to get started on AWS, Azure and GCP. 

Monitor: Security Analysis Tool

Security Analysis Tool (SAT) monitors your workspace hardening by reviewing the deployments against our security best practices. It programmatically verifies workspaces using standard API calls and reports deviations by severity, with links that explain how to improve your security.

View our blog for more detail and Github to get started on AWS, Azure and GCP.

Security Documentation

To make sure you're implementing secure configurations and to validate the security of Databricks, you may need documentation. Please find our key resources below.

Databricks Security Documentation

Databricks includes documentation on how to operate our security features and best practices to help our customers deploy quickly and securely. The documentation is targeted primarily at teams that deploy or use Databricks.

Access documentation for AWSGCP, or Azure

Databricks Security and Trust Overview Whitepaper

The security overview whitepaper is designed to provide a summary of all aspects of Databricks for security teams to quickly review.

View document


Shared Responsibility Model

The Databricks shared responsibility model outlines the security and compliance obligations of Databricks, the cloud service provider and the customer with respect to the data and services on the Databricks platform.

Access documentation for AWS, Azure, or GCP