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Deploy Your Workloads Safely on Serverless Compute

With serverless, Databricks customers can access near-instant compute, with minimal management and lower TCO. This compute and its associated resources are managed by Databricks in a serverless compute plane within the customer’s Databricks account. To safeguard customer data, serverless workloads are executed within multiple layers of isolation. 

First, the compute is freshly created in an unallocated pool without any customer credentials. When needed, the running compute is quickly assigned to a customer’s logical network and scaled as needed. This approach allows fast cluster deployment, typically under 30 seconds. All compute is ephemeral, dedicated exclusively to that workload and securely wiped once the workload is complete. These layers of isolation are extensively tested by both our in-house offensive security team and external penetration testing companies, to protect your data at all times.

third-party tested ioactive

Securing your workloads with multiple layers of protection

With Databricks, your serverless workloads are protected by multiple layers of security. These security layers form the foundation of Databricks’ commitment to providing a secure and reliable environment for even the most sensitive workloads.

They include but are not limited to:

  1. Dedicated compute resources
    1. Each workload runs on compute and encrypted storage that is dedicated to that workload
    2. Storage cannot be reallocated or reassigned after use 
    3. Both the compute and the storage are securely wiped as soon as the workload completes
  2. Network segmentation
    1. Each workload operates within a private network with no public IP addresses assigned
    2. That network is isolated logically from other workloads
    3. Lateral movement or communication between workloads is blocked
    4. All traffic between the user, the control plane, the compute plane and cloud services is routed over the cloud provider’s global network, not the public internet
  3. Encryption at rest and in transit
    1. All attached storage is protected by industry-standard AES-256 encryption
    2. All traffic between the user, the control plane, the compute plane and cloud services is encrypted with at least TLS 1.2
  4. Principle of least privilege
    1. Workloads have no privileges or credentials for systems outside the scope of that workload
    2. Access to the data is via short-lived (1-hour) tokens
    3. These tokens are passed securely to each specific workload

serverless compute diagram

Please see our documentation on AWS and Azure for more details on Databricks serverless compute.