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Data + AI Summit is the global event for the data community, where 100,000 practitioners, leaders and visionaries come together to engage in thought provoking dialogue and share the latest innovations in data and AI.

At this year’s Data + AI Summit, we’re excited to announce a full agenda of sessions for data teams in the Media & Entertainment industry. Leading innovators from across the industry - including Disney, Comcast, Conde Nast, and CBC - are joining us to share how they are using data & AI to acquire and retain subscribers in D2C, maximize advertising engagement, and use real-time data to optimize the audience experience.

Media & Entertainment Tech Talks

Here’s an overview of some of our most highly anticipated sessions at this year’s summit:

  • M&E Industry Forum: Join us for our capstone M&E event as leaders in the industry engage in a panel discussion on the future of content and audience monetization
  • Disney: Customer Experience at Disney+ Through Data Perspective
  • Comcast: SQL Analytics Powering Telemetry Analysis
  • Conde Nast: Modeling customer lifetime value for Subscription Business

Check out the full list of Media & Entertainment talks at Summit.

For Practitioners: Check out the Use Case Solutions Theater for hands-on demos and Ask an Expert

Join us for live demos on the hottest data analysis use cases in the M&E industry, including generating personalized content recommendations, filtering out toxicity in live gaming, and predicting subscriber churn. You’ll be able to ask your questions to our expert data scientists for your industry. Link coming soon.

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Make sure to register for the Data + AI Summit to take advantage of all the amazing Media & Entertainment sessions, demos and talks scheduled to take place. Registration is free!