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Announcing Apache Spark Packages

December 22, 2014 by Patrick Wendell in Engineering Blog
Today, we are happy to announce Apache Spark Packages ( ), a community package index to track the growing number of open source packages and libraries that work with Apache Spark. Spark Packages makes it easy for users to find, discuss, rate, and install packages for any version of Spark, and makes it easy for developers to contribute packages.

Apache Spark 1.1: Bringing Hadoop Input/Output Formats to PySpark

September 17, 2014 by Nick Pentreath and Kan Zhang in Engineering Blog
This is a guest post by Nick Pentreath of Graphflow and Kan Zhang of IBM , who contributed Python input/output format support to Apache Spark 1.1. Two powerful features of Apache Spark include its native APIs provided in Scala, Java and Python, and its compatibility with any Hadoop-based input or output source. This language support means that users can quickly become proficient in the use of Spark even without experience in Scala, and furthermore can leverag