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Train your own LLMs and other generative AI models

Build custom LLMs trained on your enterprise data with Mosaic AI Training. Custom models are differentiated and tailored to the context of your business and domain, improving the quality of your generative AI applications.

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Efficient and simple

Training large language models is usually complex and difficult and requires extensive expertise. However, Mosaic AI Training lets anyone easily and efficiently train their own custom LLMs by simply pointing to their data sources. Mosaic AI Training handles the rest: scaling to hundreds of GPUs, monitoring and auto-recovery. Training multibillion parameter LLMs can be completed in days, not weeks.

Pretraining shows it can train a Stable Diffusion model for 10x less cost


Mosaic AI Training is an optimized software stack that makes training LLMs cost-effective. A combination of system-level optimizations, tuned parallelism strategies and model training science results in a proven track record that lowers the cost of training LLMs by up to 10x.

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Effortless scale

A key element to high-performance LLM training is scalability, which requires fast, low-latency networking and access to the highest-performing GPUs. Using Mosaic AI Training automatically gives you access to both NVIDIA InfiniBand networking and NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs, the highest-performing NVIDIA GPUs, which give unprecedented performance and scalability compared to previous hardware generations. This lets you scale to train large (>70 billion-parameter) models easily and complete training runs in hours and days.

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Secure and compliant

For most organizations, security is paramount, and they can’t afford to have their employees send their data to a third-party API and risk having the data leaked or used to train a public model. Mosaic AI Training ensures that this can never happen, because organizations will build their own LLM where they maintain complete control and ownership over both the data and the model. Everything remains encrypted by default, including traffic and all training data. This ensures you have complete data privacy and full model ownership, meeting any regulatory compliance.

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