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Databricks のレイクハウスプラットフォームを活用して包括的な ESG 分析を行う方法を解説します。投資先の企業あるいは事業における ESG への取り組みを分析し、定量化することで、アルファ値の算出が可能になり、レピュテーションリスクの回避および、顧客や株主の信頼の維持が図れます。

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Taking ESG from Buzzword to Reality with Data Analytics and AI

ESG Solution Sheet: Optimizing Environmental, Social, and Governance with Data + AI

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Video transcript

ESG is a data and AI challenge. The world of ESG is highly unstructured by nature. If we look at the 40 most commonly disclosed policies, only 10 are metrics, and only 10 are hard numbers. The rest are purely policies, initiatives, mainly texts coming from different systems.

So how do we apply AI to quantify the unquantifiable and compare organizations in a much more data-driven way than a subjective score? And that feeds into many different use cases down the line, from responsible investing, to supply chain resilience, carbon footprint reduction and even reputational risk.

In the first series of notebooks, we show you how to extract those ESG initiatives from unstructured PDF documents using AI. And then bridge the gap between what a company says versus what a company does using alternative data. Applying that model on news analytics, on social media, to really bridge the gap, in a holistic view of an ESG practice for you to trust and act upon.


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